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The Short Answer Is Yes.

In today's competitive, patient self-diagnosing online environment, SEO is necessary for an orthopedic surgeon and clinic to succeed.


Let me explain why:

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a valuable asset for every orthopedic practice. By ranking high on Google, building organic traffic and creating increased visibility for your healthcare practice, SEO is crucial to building your patient base and attracting preferred surgical cases.

Millions of patients are searching and self diagnosing their orthopedic pain, disfunction, and other issues every day. By creating the right content, structuring it to Google Compliant Standards, and optimizing it to obtain #1 rankings, an orthopedic surgeon website can attract this patient search volume and convert them into a new patient at the right exact point in the patient's treatment timeline.


The Value of SEO for Orthopedic Clinics + Surgeons.

When strategized and implemented correctly, SEO accomplishes five main tasks:

  • Targets the right patients who are searching for orthopedic treatments.
  • Attracts related referring healthcare providers.
  • Develops an increased, predictable and sustainable return on investment.
  • Acts as a long-term asset for your orthopedic clinic
  • Increases perceived patient credibility when your practice website is ranked #1.


SEO vastly improves the organic traffic your orthopedic website receives from search engines, which places your practice at the top, above your competitors. Research shows that websites that ranked #1 receive up to 70% more traffic than websites ranked between 2 to 10.


This aspect alone moves the needle of patient demand for your practice. This not only encourages potential patients to engage your orthopedic practice, but improved user experience also expands your practice’s identity to additional healthcare facilities and surgeons that can drive additional patient referrals.


Very Important to Note:

SEO is be a very complex, yet delicate orchestration of website content integration within Google compliant structures of rendered data, meta data, structured data while being supported by quality and synergized directory listings, external links, internal links, social media, and user engagement.


Throughout my career, I have seen incredibly successful SEO campaigns ruined by devastatingly novice SEO tactics. While being tempted to lower costs to construct SEO for your orthopedic practice, only those with significant knowledge of SEO have the experience to properly increase rankings, direct traffic and create wildly successful results. This is an area where it is always beneficial to hire a prvben SEO expert.

Kris Lloyd - CEO, Healthcare Marketing Advisor

Patients are Searching Orthopedic Issues on Google

When patients are searching knee pain treatment or ACL surgeon, does your website display #1 Google? Organic search traffic provides the highest quality traffic when compared to all other traffic sources. these sources include but are not limited to Google Advertising, Social Media, direct, email, geofencing, and referral traffic.


When patients search on Google, they search with intent to purchase, make a decision or obtain additional information. This is why organic SEO provides such a high margin ROI for many orthopedic practices, and is considered the best investment in orthopedic surgeon marketing.


A 2019 study from the Forrester Group found that companies which invested in search engine optimization increased their earnings by about 400%. This is an incredible growth that many healthcare practices have come to rely upon, and we can offer specialized custom optimization and patient engagement tools that allows your practice to become vibrant and thrive.


Building Your Orthopedic Practice with SEO

With the right SEO strategy and implementation team, an orthopedic practice can continue to grow into a multiple location SEO strategy with preferred surgical cases for each orthopedic surgeon involved.


A consistent and accurate business name, address, and phone number strategy know as NAP listing management, is the foundation of clinic location SEO. This adds to every location’s legitimacy and helps your practice rank higher on search engine result pages (SERPs).


By tailoring SEO search terms to your target audience and internal website pages, paired with a unique website design, an orthopedic practice can leverage both authority and recognition to generate successful results.


While you may be tempted to try SEO for yourself and your new practice, leveraging the years of experience of an healthcare SEO professional can immediately save your orthopedic practice time and money while generating drastically increased, measured results.


Why Choose WebMarkets Medical for Your Orthopedic SEO

At WebMarkets Medical, we offer successful, reliable and transparent orthopedic SEO strategies for orthopedic clinics and surgeons across a variety of cities and states. With a dedicated team driven for SEO success, our SEO specialists stand out from the rest by implementing a dedication to client success, web traffic data, and client communication while implementing best SEO practices specific to each orthopedic brand we partner with.


Experience in Healthcare Marketing

With a proven background of success in orthopedic surgeon marketing and healthcare SEO, Kris Lloyd offers a unique and valuable approach to orthopedic SEO that supports clinic & surgeon goals based on custom marketing strategies.


Learn more how Kris Lloyd and WebMarkets Medical can develop successful SEO results for your practice. When setting up long term success for your practice, this is definitely a conversation worth having.

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