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Google Advertising

Healthcare + Medical SEM strategies built to obtain wildly successful results.

Using paid search marketing features such as Google Search, Google Display, and Remarketing allows your practice to effectively reach your target patient audience on any budget, at any time.


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When SEO and SEM works together, your clinic is 70% more likely to obtain a new patient. When implemented correctly, Google Advertising is a long lasting asset for healthcare hospitals, clinics, and providers.

Whether it be pay-per-click, search engine marketing, search & display ads, or remarketing, WebMarkets Medical identifies the top performing SEO + SEM strategies based on conversion ratios, that attract the exact patients your practice prefers.

Google Search, also known as SEM or PPC, allows you to launch campaigns within search engine results, providing you with a sponsored post that links to a set page on your website (often with the most relevant content for the keywords utilized in the search engine). PPC ads allow you to share your website's URL along with a meta title, description, and in some cases, keywords that are relevant to your site itself.

Using tools such as Google Search Advertising allows you to hone in on specific users based on interests, behaviors, keywords, and even the psycho-demographics you want to target.

In conjunction with Google Trends, utilize Google Search Advertising to create effective campaigns with keywords and phrases that are trending and most popular in your industry. Target local competition by creating competing ad campaigns that appear for users in your area whenever they are in search of products or services that you offer. Spend time gauging the success of each campaign you run with in-depth reporting and analytics provided when using Google AdWords to launch your next marketing strategy.

Google Display Network (GDN) consists of 3 million + websites that provide "digital billboards" for your brand based on patient behaviors, interests, or keywords search. 

The GDN allows a medical practice to target specific patients audiences based by segmenting strategies: 

  • Specific Website Placement Targeting
  • Contextual Targeting
  • Keyword Targeting
  • Website Remarketing Audience Targeting
  • And more.

Display video content to your targeted patient population on the Google Display Network and throughout endless creative options on YouTube.

Display and promote your local medical clinic locations on Google Maps, highlight your clinic + provider reviews to attract new patients.

Why Google Advertising // SEM is great for branding, lead gen + sales.

Most users who browse the internet begin with their preferred search engine. The most popular search engine to date is Google. Pages that appear within the first page of search results are much more likely to receive clicks and traffic, leading to sales and new followers.

Optimizing your search marketing campaigns with Google AdWords is a way to gain valuable insight into your target audience while learning more about which type of advertisements work best to drive sales and revenue. Learn more about user behavior and the type of messaging that works best for your users when launching multiple Google AdWords campaigns simultaneously.

Optimize your budget

With Google Advertising, you are free to define your budget based on the amount of patients you prefer.

When you search for physician specialties in your area, what do you find? In today's fast paced online environment, being #1 on Google Search results is imperative to clinic success.


SEO plays a major role in determining the success of a website or online brand. A properly optimized website appears higher up in the search results of top engines including Google and Bing. When your website is optimized, attract more users once your link appears within the first page of search results.

Search engine optimization is extremely important even if you do not have intentions of launching paid campaigns with solutions such as Google Advertising or Bing.

Optimizing your medical website's SEO is not an overnight process, but can be done with enough keyword research and the proper tools implemented into your website.

Take advantage of the power of A/B testing with more than one campaign for both local and international users who search Google for terms that are most relevant to your own business and brand to increase your chances of generating leads and sales.

Using Google Advertising is possible whether you are new to building an online presence or if you simply want to discover how to generate even more revenue for an existing business. With the right tweaks, generate campaigns that are effective, useful, and memorable for all of your prospective customers.

The topic of improving website conversions is highly correlated with landing page structure and design. Learning the basics of Google Advertising and the importance of search marketing is a way to outperform your competition while solidifying your brand as an authoritative and trustworthy source.

Launching A/B tests and honing in on your target demographic and audience is a way to increase the leads you generate while boosting sales and revenue in less time.

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The future is patient communication is online. From concept to completion, our custom healthcare marketing strategies connect patients with the right providers proven by data, an backed by ROI.

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Throughout his 15+ years of healthcare marketing experience, Kris Lloyd has lead teams to developed hundreds of healthcare marketing + SEO plans that have all generated wildly successful results.

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