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A doctor's healthcare practice website is vital to providing patients with their clinic information, conditions treated and medical procedures regarding the doctor's and/or surgeon’s services. Clinic websites are vital for obtaining great marketing & SEO results for the practice as a whole.


But What About Individual Physician Websites?

In today’s competitive healthcare environment, every medical practice website is racing to get to the top of Google. And now, individual physician websites are too.


But Why?


The answer: Niche content.


Niche content is proving to be a silver bullet when coordinating other aspects of Google Compliant SEO tactics. 


Google reads websites like a book. And the more content and pages dedicated to niche topics, the more likely that content, in time, will rise to the top of the Google rankings. This, of course, is if you partner with the right healthcare SEO company.


And yes, domain name matters. Either you name the domain or utilize a keyword rich term in the domain name like, this will ultimately be reflected in your google SERP.


On the Personal Side

A doctor's personal branded website can be a great asset when building patient trust. Not only can they utilize this personal physician site as a marketing platform for themselves, where they can share photos of their medical studies, ongoing CME courses and credits, personal interests, family and other aspects that can set that doctor or surgeon apart. 


Furthermore, by having multiple branded websites, as in a clinic site and a personal site, more listings on search engines will be occupied by your brand, ultimately meaning your medical presence will occupy more valuable space in the scarce real estate of Google search.    


This ecosystem between clinic and personal websites in the medical field always leads to a physician building his or her practice with the patients they prefer. And that’s a win-win.


The Bottom Line: Physician Branding

Creating and nurturing a physician website involves time, labor, and correct implementation of healthcare digital marketing strategies. But the branding possibilities of an individual healthcare provider website is available to create, leverage, or accelerate practice and patient volume goals.


Also, the opportunities to develop one on one patient relationships should not be missed. When a physician has a personal website, it allows website visitors to research, consume, and select the physician's content at their pace. These factors lead into permission based marketing aspects, which is mainly utilized via social media.


Social media for personal doctor brands and website are a great tool to reach, engage, and convert new patients. The one on one communication approach in social media can make a physician marketing plan incredibly scalable, relatively quickly.


Additional SEO Opportunities for Doctors

Another advantage to a doctor's personal website is the availability to build niche backlinks to improve healthcare SEO visibility. High quality backlinks are a large factor in Google’s algorithm. When a provider can obtain backlinks as a resource for other healthcare providers, medical schools, research, and associations, it increases the value of the doctor’s personal site.


GMB Listings and Doctor Reviews

Did you know that clinics and physicians can have their own branded Google My Business (GMB) and can attract reviews and build a strong reputation in each? Again, this occupies more valuable real estate in Google's scarce map pack.



Costs of building a website and implementing traffic sources to a physician website is highly scalable. At WebMarkets Medical, our clients start small, medium, and aggressive. In all cases, the healthcare marketing mix and it's budget are coordinated to a profitable return on ad spend for long term scalability. 


Again. Should a Physician Have a Personal Medical Website?

If the opportunity to succeed is there. If the return on investment is there. Absolutely.


In today’s competitive environment, there are too many logical factors that determine it is highly beneficial for doctors, physicians, and surgeons to have a personal branded medical website in coordination with their clinic website. 


With so many websites on the internet today, it is no wonder that so many doctors are trying to figure out how they can use this strategy to exercise long term sustainable results and become wildly successful. 


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