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Top Tips on How to Build Trust With Patients on Your Website.


Building patient trust is a must for converting website visitors into new patients. But, what are some website building tips for healthcare clinics to build patient trust? Let's analyze how to build patient trust on your healthcare website.


Web traffic is what happens when a website receives actionable web pages from its visitors. Every visitor leaves footprints on your website, building up the total count of unique visits.


The type of web traffic actions you want are called "conversions" - when people land on your site and take action (a conversion) such as scheduling an appointment via phone calls, form fills, or appointment request API with an EMR with one of your doctors. 


Six Main Sources of Website Traffic:


Questions About Building Patient Trust:

How do healthcare clinics use their medical website, SEO, and digital marketing tools to build trust and attract the right kind of patients?


Google has the ability to crawl every page of every website, unless instructed not to by a robots.txt file. In any case, your website content needs to be structured towards attracting the patient conditions and procedures your doctors prefer through content creation.


Implementing Google Compliant Standards will aid in your website content being ranked high or not. If your website is not ranked high, you will most likely not attain search engine traffic.


What are some website building tips for healthcare clinics to build patient trust?

  • Provide unique content from your physicians and clinic staff.
  • Stay away from stock photos.
  • Add physician and clinic review snippets.
  • Speak the truth in diagnosis. Offer non-surgical and surgical treatment options. Also provide options when your medical specialty is not needed.
  • Add video content to your medical website.
  • Make sure your website is built on reliable, fast, and effective hosting platform.
  • Having a mobile first methodology based website is a must.

How can paid advertising on social media platforms be used to push traffic towards scheduling an appointment with one of your doctors?

Paid advertising is a great thing. By targeting patients correctly, it presents content to patients that will value it the most, and in the masses.


By building a social following, you will present your clinic content to more patients that have friends that also follow your practice. This is known as permission based marketing and becomes ultra valuable when patients recognize that their peers follow your healthcare brand as well.


Why It Is Important to be Building Patient Trust on Your Clinic’s Website

Building patient trust on your clinic website can be the difference between building a successful healthcare practice or remaining stagnant. 


Patients scheduling an appointment with one of your doctors is a goal that is  measurable.  Measurable goals are the foundation upon which you should build all digital marketing campaigns.


There are two types of conversions: micro (when people take small actions) and macro (major actions, like scheduling an appointment.).  A conversion is actionable when you can link it back to a specific medium or activity.  


Appointments that are scheduled online are major goals that can be traced back to building patient trust on your website (for example, if they saw something like this), organic SEO, and posting quality content on social media platforms.


Building credibility on your website is important because it is the first step towards gaining legitimacy among potential patients, which will help bring more visitors to your site - who can then take actions dictated by their individual motivations (i.e., scheduling an appointment). 


What Are Some Website Building Tips for Healthcare Clinics to Build Patient Trust?

  • Building trust on your website requires building credibility.
  • Building credibility can be done by building trustworthiness, expertise, and responsiveness which directly reflects on building patient rapport with potential patients. 
  • You must be responsive, which means that you reply quickly to people's inquiries on the phone or via email - it builds confidence among potential patients that you are willing to help them out.


Building expertise requires some form of specialization, but also takes time. It's not something that happens overnight.  It requires building trustworthiness and building credibility.


What Are Some Tools That Can Be Used to Communicate Building Patient Trust on Your Medical Website?  


  • Consulting with a healthcare marketing company
  • Invest in healthcare SEO and content creation for your clinic
  • Utilize an online presence that is responsive, reputable, and reliable 
  • Social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. Once you build a base of loyal followers on social media, it becomes easier to share quality content with them - who will then visit your medical website.
  • Measure and track all website visitors, conversion sources, and conversion rates.


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