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14 Apr, 2022 | SEO, Website Design, Strategy | Return|

Just like smartphones, healthcare website technology changes and improves every day, meaning the average lifespan of a smartphone, or healthcare website, is 2-3 years.

When to Redesign Your Healthcare Website.

That's right - healthcare websites need to be redesigned regularly in the same way that smartphone technology progresses.


When your smartphone is ready for an upgrade in speed, performance, and functionality, so is your healthcare website.


It's true, healthcare marketing advisors recommend that healthcare websites undergo redesigns at least once every three years, sometimes more frequently, because of the competitive demands of staying relevant in an ever-changing healthcare and technology environment.  


Once a healthcare website has been redesigned and optimized, it may be easier to maintain than the previous version.


Key Aspects When Redesigning Your Healthcare Website


Regardless of how often healthcare websites are redesigned and developed, there are several things healthcare clinic administrators and providers should consider when deciding whether to go through with a redesign.


Implement Practice Goals

How is your healthcare practice evolving? What are your healthcare website's goals for determining if it is a successful asset or not?


It is vital for a healthcare website to have a flexible design that allows users to consume information regarding the specific conditions you treat and the medical procedures you provide. 


But how do you know that your website is working and working well based on clinic goals?


Data doesn't lie. In fact, it allows a healthcare website to measure success based on practice goals.


Be sure your healthcare website developer understands how to set up goal conversions correctly and communicates them to your practice administration.


Branded Design

Brand perception can positively or negatively impact new patient acquisition.


Do you know where brand perception is determined for most potential patients? Your website.


That's right; your healthcare website is the first impression for most potential patients.


And this is why we design healthcare websites - to be great.


A healthcare website needs to be flexible for visitors searching for information about various healthcare topics while maintaining a mobile responsive, aesthetic, and functional design to fully represent your healthcare brand and the providers who serve patients in the most positive and powerful way possible.


Mobile Page Loading Speeds

Providing visitors with an easy-to-use and rewarding experience has been proven effective time and time again. It's also important for healthcare practices and providers to disclose website content, text, images, and video, to reflect their value. 


With more content comes the higher likelihood of slower website speeds. When your healthcare website is not optimized for mobile devices, it's more than likely that patients will leave your website and seek healthcare information on mobile-optimized sites.


And yes, website technology matters for mobile loading speeds. Try the Google PageSpeed Insights tool to evaluate your healthcare website.


Transferring All Content and URLs

It is vital for healthcare websites to transfer all content and keep existing website URL structures. If this is missed or implemented incorrectly, you will see drastic decreases in your healthcare SEO.


Keeping SEO Intact

Watch for 404 errors, broken internal links, missing content, new URLs without redirects, broken images, metadata, structured data, etc. Whenever there is a redesign, it is up to the web developer to ensure proper SEO transfer techniques.


Heads up, most web designers and developers are not compensated for SEO and do not use healthcare SEO best practice techniques as part of their scope, nor is it available within their knowledge base.


Any SEO aspect lost from the old medical website to the new medical website equates to a SERP rankings drop, which also means lost opportunities with patients, clinic revenues, and profits.


Website Security

Healthcare website templates and outdated website software platforms are notorious for website security risks. Healthcare website developers and IT specialists understand this, but most practice managers and doctors do not.


In other words, healthcare websites must protect the visitors they garner and maintain the web safety and security of those visitors.


Here’s a few tips on how:
  • Implement a strong SSL (Secure Socket Layer).
  • Make sure website software versions are up-to-date.
  • Build your website on the right website management software. Some CMS’s are known for security risks. Don’t build your healthcare website on these platforms.
  • Keep website administrators tight on their username and passwords.
  • Website hosting is proactively secured.
  • Make sure your website and it's content is HIPPA compliant.


Have the Right Website Plan

A great website isn't a set it and forget it type of asset. Effective website management should include great website content management software, a team that does not charge hourly to add content, repair, or edit, should be hosted and secured all under one roof, with a stable cost, and managed by a team of trusted professionals.


Hourly costs work well for lawyers, but not for great healthcare websites.


This is why WebMarkets Medical created the medical website partner plans. Since it is a consistent low cost that incorporates all aspects of healthcare website design, creation, and management, these plans are a win-win for healthcare professionals.


The Right Healthcare Website Brings Huge ROI

Healthcare websites are valuable profit-driving tools for attracting and connecting with current and potential patients. But their value is only evident when managed by the right people.


When your healthcare website needs a redesign or upgrade to accurately reflect your healthcare practice brand and business goals, contact WebMarkets Medical for a complimentary consultation.


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