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Tips on Building a Profitable Orthopedic Practice.

Starting a new orthopedic practice can be a struggle, and new medical practices often have difficulty attracting new patients. While there are plenty of strategies to grow your patient base, some are more effective than others. Referrals have long been the primary resource for expanding medical practices.


Still, with more patients relying on the online world to self diagnose their medical issues, search engine optimization & other digital marketing platforms is the fastest and most efficient way to expand your orthopedic practice and achieve successful results.


Patient Referrals

Though not as long-term as online optimization, referrals are undoubtedly a common way to expand your orthopedic practice. Before online businesses became so popular, references by word-of-mouth from other physicians and previous clients were the most efficient way to grow your practice’s brand and revenues. With social media, healthcare influencers are another form of referral that can also expand your practice.


Other Physicians

Physicians are a great referral source for many medical practices, especially if your business specializes in a particular field. To increase your referrals from family practice, primary care physician, or hospital, you’ll need to form a relationship with the doctor or department of interest. This can help offer the best patient care possible and remove stress from practices overwhelmed with new patients.


However, this often requires considerable time to build a strong enough relationship that the physician feels comfortable referring patients to your practice.


Healthcare Influencers

Influencers are relatively new to the medical industry, but they can still be a great resource for your orthopedic practice. Many people rely on influencers to determine what company offers the best product or service, which is true for medical practices.


Nevertheless, influencers can be expensive resources, and not all influencers post high-quality content that encourages potential clients to contact your practice.


Previous Patients

If you treat your patients right, they’re likely to inform their friends and family about the wonderful services you provide, especially when others experience similar issues. While not the most common form of referral, patient references can certainly help your practice’s reputation and credibility. Despite this, there’s no way of knowing whether your patient will ever refer their family and friends to your practice, leaving you in an uncomfortable limbo.


Online Presence

The fastest and most efficient way to grow your orthopedic practice is through search engine optimization despite the fact that the growth referrals can provide. Even with many referrals, there’s no guarantee that a client will contact your practice. SEO is different.


By streamlining your online presence and optimizing your practice’s content, client interactions with your business are quantified and visible, allowing you to see exactly what is and isn’t working.


In addition to improving revenue, SEO has proven helpful to several industries by targeting clients most likely to interact with your brand. This is also the greatest way to build your online reviews, which are relied upon by over 80% of consumers. Luckily for you, this is exactly the work we specialize in.


Partnership with WebMarkets Medical Marketing

With specialized knowledge in best SEO practices across several industries, our WebMarkets team is your number one resource for all of your optimization needs, including your business’s website and social media presence.


Social media is a great additional technique to improve your business’s credibility, authenticity, and voice, but you don’t need an influencer to improve your presence.


If your orthopedic practice is needing consultation, schedule a demo with WebMarkets Medical us today to see just how we can improve your business’s online traffic and profile.


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