Hospitals need strong marketing employees to attract the right patients. they're just hard to find.

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Multispecialty hospital marketing

The WebMarkets Medical team is made up of experienced marketing professionals with a variety of skillsets, focused healthcare digital marketing.

Partner our specialities, with yours.

Hospital web design, SEO

Treasure Valley Hospital

WebMarkets Medical created a custom web design and hospital SEO strategy based on the client's goals and objectives.


Jeffrey G. Hessing, MD as Orthopedics| Treasure Valley Hospital

The time is now.


Innovations in hospital marketing.

When researching online, the web presence of a hospital is the first impression of all potential patients, doctors, staff and administration.

  • Hospitals are specific, specialized, and unique. Every hospital has their own unique set of skills, procedures, and locations offered to patients. Online branding should reflect the same. 
  • With the emergence of the digital marketing strategies, hospitals are completely taking advantage of online marketing tools to further establish their brand.
  • With the experts at WebMarkets Medical, we can improve the brand perception of your hospital, its associates, and create an outstanding ROI. It's no longer a luxury for a hospital to have an excellent online presence. It is now a must.


Guiding patients to your hospital

Hospital marketing strategies should be unique to improve patient brand perception accurately reflect the hospital it represents.

When you search for hospital surgical specialties in your area, what do you find? Does your hospital display at the top of Google results?


BCB Therapy desk, a safe place where you come first

WebMarkets Medical has a trusted, reliable team of website professionals to manage your hospital website. Our plans are specific to the unique needs of any hospital specialty and its goals. As a hospital organization, it's time you had website experts dedicated to your success.

When you search for your hospital specialties in your area, what do you find? What do you see when you search your hospital's name? The SEO team at WebMarkets Medical helps to identify profitable search terms and optimize your website to be displayed at the top of Google. In today's fast paced, online environment, if your hospital does not have a Google presence, you are instantly losing credibility and future patients. From keyword research to search engine optimization and marketing to website conversion, WebMarkets Medical has all of your search engine bases covered.

When you search a hospital, doctor or physician name, what do you see? Online reviews are vital for the branding, reputation, and credibility of a hospital. The Review Doctor, created by WebMarkets, is a specialized product that generates positive online reviews for your hospital on such platforms as Google, Yelp, Facebook, and Healthgrades. Using a specific online directory to build your hospital reviews? No problem. WebMarkets Medical will integrate with any custom API on the market.

Utilizing Social Media to Raise Hospital Brand Awareness

Social media marketing is an excellent way to raise awareness for a hospital's brand. Having a solid social media strategy and presence is essential when connecting with your patients. At WebMarkets Medical, we identify your unique social media strategy needs and implement the necessary measures to increase your online presence and generate more patient leads for your hospital.

The average medical patient checks their phone over 50 times per day. Having a professional mobile presence will connect to your patients and improve their loyalty to your hospital. These days, with mobile traffic being larger in volume than desktop traffic, for a medical hospital, a mobile-first strategy is a must.

With accurate data analysis, we track conversions and ROI + ROAS for every hospital marketing campaign. This is how we ensure the success with any hospital marketing budget.

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